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NationStates X-Factor is a singing competition for talents from all over the world. Four judges all have their own category, existing out of three candidates when arrived in the liveshows. The different categories are Boys, Girls, 30+ and Groups. Every liveshow, the candidates do perform a song. The two worst will have to struggle for their place in next round in the Sing Off. The judges decide who they want to send home each week, and the other Sing Off candidate is through.

Up to date, there have been judges from Chenkorya (Tim Wisham and Anabela Shanitova ), Grittonia (Pappa Nick P. ), Albertasby (Sophie-Lauren Clews and Hannah Olva ), Luxoria (John Forsythe), Beldonia (Worth Ronting) and Natatnat Island (Samantha Hills).

Up to date, there have been candidates from NobleBastard (Francine Bacon and Vanilla Plasma), Chenkorya (Klessik Dadadam , Jason Laccken and Katelyn Strand), Asterdan (Austin Stevens), Natatnat Island (Melanie Rosen and Starlight Angels), Albertasby (Adrianna Whispin and Hannah Olva), Susinia (Millie Francis and George Maenami), Bazukia (Pete Clint), Dimoniquid (John Eames), Thanasos (Pantelis Souvlakis), Kingsley Bedford (Sofia Aramova), Saintrabina (Cynthia Hebanova), Prince Bartholomew Islands (Roulette), Venezio (Maria Gonzales), Beldonia (Donald Grimms) and Jurasika (Calonnau Lan).

NS X-Factor has been hosted by Uri Genovese, Edita Maruski, Agememnon Skotadi and Charis Nostima, in Studio Wavvendorpf in Tiph-Clorette..

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